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About Us

“We are a family of Transforming, Redeeming, Anointed Congregations within the Methodist Church in Singapore.”

This is the vision of the Trinity Annual Conference (TRAC) for the quadrennium (2009-2012).

Our Core Values

Our Core Values motivating our vision are as follows:

  • Transforming Congregations come about when we are spreading scriptural (personal and social) holiness, as well as equipping leaders and making disciples.
  • Redeeming Congregations have, as integral to their convictions, the aim of reaching all for Jesus Christ in fulfilling the Great Commission.
  • Anointed Congregations are continually keeping in step with the Holy Spirit through prayer and scripture.
  • Such Congregations are noted for giving all glory to God and loving God and our neighbours.


We believe that a healthy local church should have the following signs:
Worship: encountering the manifested presence of God where people connect to God and   
experience renewal.
Leadership: God-fearing, Spirit-filled, clear vision, united, with integrity, humility and wisdom.                    
Prayer: instilling a culture of prayer, where it is taught, and practised by members and modelled by leaders.
Society: spreading Scriptural holiness, being relevant to meeting the needs of society and actively engaged in transforming it.
Church Community: having a sense of belonging to family of love and forgiveness, warm
and caring.
Evangelism: reaching out and impacting the world in love, making intentional friendship and inviting friends to church.
Discipleship: developing Christ-likeness, ongoing knowing and living the Word stewardship of resources, intentional nurturing and equipping the laity for ministry.

(Adopted at 32nd Session of TRAC 2007).