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(TRAC) Children's Ministry (2005 – 2008)

The members of the Board for 07/08 are:

Chairperson Dr. Cheah Fung Fong
Vice-Chairperson  Mrs. Annie Chin
Secretary   Mrs. Annabel Lye
Treasurer  Mr. Nicholas Tan
Members   Ms. Ming Feong Ching
  Ms. Lee Hwee Chin
  Mrs. Jeannie Chui
  Mrs. Pamela Wong

The representatives of the Children’s Ministries / Sunday Schools of the TRAC churches are invited to attend board meetings. We are well connected with all TRAC churches represented on the BOCM communication network and at board meetings.

Goals of TRAC BOCM

1. To facilitate the Methodist Children’s Prayer Network.
2. To provide Training and Resources for Children’s Ministries / Sunday Schools of TRAC churches
3. Networking among Children’s Ministries / Sunday Schools of TRAC churches with the formation of
    Special interest groups dealing with particular issues in Children’s Ministries

Programmes Aug 05 – Sep 06

1. Teaching with Style Training Workshop – Aug 20th 05
This training session was conducted by Rev Nicholas Choo on Aug 20th at Barker Road Methodist Church. A total of 151 Children’s Ministry leaders attended. Many were refreshed by the time of training which provided new ideas for creative teaching to children.

2.  TRAC BOCM 1st Retreat – Oct 15th 05 
This was held at Wesley Lodge, Fort Canning Road. A total of 30 representatives from 18 TRAC churches were present. Representatives from Truth Ministry as well as TRAC Board of Discipleship and Nurture were also present. The Board revised the goals of the BOCM as well as planned strategies/programs to achieve these goals over a 3 year period.

3. Network Nite – Mar 25th 06
This was held at Barker Road Methodist Church. The focus of Network Nite 2006 was on the Tweens Ministries. A total of 110 people from Children’s and Youth Ministry from our TRAC churches attended. The program included:

  • an address by our TRAC President, the Rev. Wee Boon Hup
  • an insightful introduction to the Profile of a Tweenager by Mrs. Stephanie Choong
  • a presentation of the Tweens Ministries at Wesley, Bedok and Fairfield Methodist Churches
  • a panel discussion on the Tweens Ministry by Pastor Bernard Chao, Mrs. Stephanie Choong, Ms. Deborah Chang and Mr. Alvin Ng.

A booklet was produced and circulated featuring current Tweens Ministries in our TRAC churches.

4. Kids in Missions Zone (KIMZ) 2006 : The Gospel Tentmakers – Sep 6th 2006
This was held at Wesley Methodist Church and jointly organized with Board of Missions.
A total of 151 children registered to attend, with a final attendance of 138 kids.

Aims of KIMZ:

  1. Teaching kids Tent-making Opportunities in Missions
  2. Teaching kids to Share the Gospel in Missions
  3. Teaching kids to Pray for Missions

The program included an introduction to Tentmaking Ministries in:

  • Pakistan Crisis Relief Work with focus on
    1. Food Distribution
    2. Creative Children’s Ministries
    3. Medical Missions
  • China Tentmaking Outreach and Missions with focus on :
    1. Sports Evangelism
    2. Gospel Tools
    3. Prayer Station

The kids were thoroughly engaged at the various stations. 49 made a commitment to actively share the gospel with their friends and relatives. About 30 kids came forward to make a commitment to GO to the mission field during the closing commissioning program.

5.  Children in Prayer Consultation – 26-30 Sep 2006
This was a Consultation on Children in Prayer organized by World Vision International. Dr. Cheah Fung Fong was invited to attend, representing the TRAC BOCM Methodist Children’s Prayer Network. There were about 140 people present representing over 50 nations of the world. There were presentations from different countries, testifying to what God is doing in raising the children intercessors in their country. The Global Day of Prayer (GDOP) 2007 video clip which featured the many prayer concerts held all around the world on GDOP 2006, was also shown. Positive steps were taken at this Consultation to establish Regional Prayer networks for Children in Prayer.

Upcoming Events 06 / 07:

  • Training Conference on ‘Releasing the Children in Prayer and Praise’ at the International House of Prayer from Oct 18th – 27th. This will be attended by 2 representatives from BOCM.
  • Network Nite Mar 24th 2007
  • All Night Prayer or 24/7 prayer event for Children in conjunction with GDOP 07 (May 07)

Submitted by
Dr. Cheah Fung Fong

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